HTML5: The Romance Language of the Web

The introduction of HTML5 has changed the marketing game to allow creativity to rule supreme. Beyond the world of static banners, HTML5 embraces interactivity in online advertising. Before HTML5, adding a media object required extensive coding or decoding. With its improved universal use, HTML5 now enables our developers to produce beautiful and interactive web apps that embrace the latest multimedia, reaching your target market in exciting ways. The way a webpage looks therefore can constantly evolve. With HTML5 you can engage your audience like never before with a web page that will keep them browsing.

The Features of HTML5:

  • Plugin-free video players
  • Local storing and caching
  • Faster load times
  • Mobile and tablet applications
  • Geolocation
  • Access files offline

HTML 5 was developed with the capability of running on devices such as smartphones and tablets, making it considerably more multi-platform ready compared to other markup languages.  New syntactic features are also available with HTML5 including new elements and SVG content.

Prior to the arrival of HTML5, it was difficult to rank media-rich designs well in search engines due to the web crawler’s inability to index the content. With new markup tags, HTML5 allows multimedia content such as audio, video and menus to be indexed. Content within these markup tags can improve a site’s search engine ranking making HTML5 ideal for SEO. All of these features add up to a product that easily incorporates and handles both multimedia and graphical content.

Today’s consumers want visually stimulating web apps that are also fast. Our  developers will integrate HTML5 into your site’s design to speed up the performance of web apps, resulting in a better user experience.

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