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Google’s IO Keynote 2014 at a Glance

Google IO Keynote

This year’s Google IO Keynote was delivered by Sundar Pichai, Senior Vice President of Android, Chrome & Apps. Exciting news and updates were discussed, including a new smartwatch, Android Wear. The Keynote lasted roughly 3 hours, but we have recapped the event into five main points:

1. Android L

The biggest announcement at the Google IO Keynote 2014 was about the Android L. Android L is the highly anticipated software version of Android. It’s a redesign that features vivid colors, bright contrast, and what Google calls “Material Design,” which is supposed to make the phone’s elements fluid, interactive and more realistic. They’re also overhauling the notification center and contact book. Finally, a new “personal unlocking” system is being added. From what we know, the phone will connect to a Bluetooth device that will recognize the phone which can then be unlocked when the phone is near the Bluetooth device. If it’s not near the Bluetooth device, the phone will prompt you for a password. That sounds like a very innovative way to reconstruct the passwords settings.

2. Android Wear

Google IO Keynote also mentioned a fast-rising technology: Android Wear. This includes the LG G Watch, Samsung Gear Live, and the Motorola Moto 360. These watches sync with your phone to bring you some of the coolest experiences available. While still maintaining all of the familiar features of a watch, they also help you schedule meetings, call friends, check the weather and remind you of your flight departure time.

3. Android TV

One of the not-so-surprising announcements from Google’s IO Keynote is that Android is trying to invade your living room…again. Ever since 2010 Android has been pushing their TV products, trying to create that technological fusion of phone company and TV provider. Now, they think they have achieved just that. Android TV, a new smart-TV operating system, puts a focus on streaming video (yes that includes Netflix), playing games, searching content and the Web.

4. Android Auto

Google IO Keynote let us know that Google is extending its reach into new heights, or should I say, new roads. With Android Auto, Google is putting Google Now and Maps right in your dashboard. Of course, that means other Android apps are riding in the front seat too, including apps like Pandora and MLB at Bat. Forty car makers, including Honda, Audi and Ford, have signed up to sell cars with Android Auto. Expect to see this new technology all over the road.

5. Android Apps

Some Android apps will soon be able to run on Chromebooks. Since most of the browser-based laptops don’t have touchscreens, you’ll be able to control the apps with a mouse and keyboard. And when a known Android phone, tablet or smart watch is nearby, the Chromebook will be able to recognize the device and skip the secure log-in screen.

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