Why Migrating Your Site From Flash to HTML5 Really Matters

Adobe Flash animation software used to be the way to make graphics pop and cartoons dance. But as it goes with evolution, HTML5 has long emerged as the principal markup language used to create plugin- less advanced graphics, music, sound files, animations and more. If your site has elements built in Flash, it’s essential it be rebuilt with HTML5 for two big reasons:

  1. Flash is no longer supported on mobile devices
  2. The majority of search engines cannot look for content inside Flash-built websites.

The Big 2: Mobile and Search Engines


Ever since Apple declared they would not support the Flash plugin for mobile devices like iPads, iPhones and the like, Flash Player gradually became caput for all mobile devices. This is a huge disadvantage for mobile marketers as comScore reported that the amount of global users accessing the internet through mobile devices (almost 2 billion) has surpassed those accessing it through a Desktop. According to data from the Global Web Index, 80% of Internet users own a smart phone and the mobile internet usage trend is only continuing to majorly increase. This is extremely important to take into account if you have a mobile site as mobile friendly design is imperative in today’s age. Adobe even says that HTML5 is the way to go when creating content across mobile devices.


Another big reason for migrating to HTML5 is that most search engines cannot read Flash content, which is lethal for your SEO efforts. Since there is no text, there is nothing to index. There are various reasons why the search engines cannot read Flash, such as the fact that Flash gets embedded, and SEO essentials, like anchor text, headlines, image alt tags, etc. are often missing. Therefore, if the search engines cannot find your website to crawl and rank, you might as well have not even bothered making a website.

If your website was built with Flash elements, our web designers are well-versed in updating your site from Flash to HTML5. HTML5 backs the newest multimedia and keeps its language easily readable for humans, computers and devices. It allows graphics and objects to be embedded, creating interactive forms. Whereas Flash animation requires Adobe Flash player, HTML5 runs natively on Web browsers and doesn’t require a plugin. Using HTML5 to create an impressive game to draw your customers in via mobile, or dazzling with interactive features, is just par for the course for us.

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