Web Design Questions:


We provide professional web design services to meet your goals. We know that one of your main goals is to boost profits and we measure ROI to show you exactly how you’re doing.

We provide analytics and statistics on engagement, traffic, trends in purchasing, etc. We combine web analytics tools with data from the order processing system to give you a clear picture. For example, we can report to you the number of visitors you’re receiving from organic search vs. paid search, the average order value, total revenue and marketing investment.

We usually will track this after the completion of your website, however, there are times when you already have a site but it needs some web design sprucing up. It may not have proper shopping cart software or it has poor quality content and low resolution graphics. No matter the problem, we do offer updates to existing websites. We have one client whose non-profit website we continually update. Send us your site and we will make it better. And we update across all platforms so that your website is proven to give the user the best experience regardless of viewing device.

Though we take the burden of creating a great website off of your hands, we know you might also want to work in the content management system yourself to make small tweaks. We provide you with a login and password to access the content management system we utilized. We also give you training after the site is launched on how to use the content management system. We go into detail in a one hour (or more) training session to teach you how to update your content. We also record the session so you can play it back whenever you need.

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