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Preparing images for the web is an important step in the web design process because images from the computer must be formatted for optimal viewing on the Internet. Having high quality images on your site is necessary for user enjoyment, and the integrity of the site itself. Just as with any other aspect of web design, poor quality images will bring down your site’s look and feel, dissuading potential customers from buying. In fact, high quality images are one of the most important factors in building consumer trust and buyer persuasion. For example, a clothing website that displays low resolution, grainy photos of your garments is doing you absolutely no favors. You need that print wrap dress or pair of shiny loafers to light up the screen, not discourage viewers who will associate the low quality image with inferior apparel.

Images account for a significant amount of download bytes on web pages and take up a large amount of visual space. Therefore, image optimization is necessary to save bytes and improve performance, because the less bytes your site contains, the less competition for bandwidth. This means faster download time and happier viewers. Image optimization is a scientific art which requires the knowledge of individual image compression techniques and use of well-developed algorithms.

Finding the optimal settings for a high quality image requires steadfast analysis along dimensions including quality, format capabilities, content of encoded data, pixel dimensions, etc. Sometimes, an image isn’t even necessary to achieve the desired effect but a soundly-placed picture is also worth 1,000 words, so there is a balance when picking and choosing for web design and marketing purposes. We provide web-quality images which we use during the website design process. We charge per stock image or per image that we optimize with web quality resolution. Our prices are low and very competitive.

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web design

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