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Creating an Effective Landing Page

Have you ever typed into your GPS a destination you want to be directed to and followed the monotone robotic voice only to end up where you didn’t intend to be? Unfortunately many consumers face this issue as marketers direct them through the World Wide Web. Because we often depend on online ads for direction, having a clear and relevant landing page is vital to any campaign’s success. When sending out an e blast or social advertising with a special offer, many businesses simply drop their potential clients off at their homepage, leaving prospectives on a treasure hunt. Chances are if the offer is not linked to a landing page that specifically addresses the subject, consumers will become irritated and move on.

Today, simplicity is key when it comes to web optimization. Online campaigns should be easy for consumers to navigate through. Below are a few suggestions to consider when creating an effective landing page. Web design is largely based around what consumers expect to see and what they need to see in order to influence their purchasing decision. By creating a clear and relevant landing page your offer is more likely to achieve your desired outcome.

The more you say, the more you sell

Granted, what you say has to contain relevant information. In order to encourage a behavior in your consumers you must tell them and show them all the information that will answer their questions that may arise, ease any doubts they may have and urge them to feel the need to act right away.

The product is the Batman, your company is Robin

Your entire landing page should solely focus on the product or service you intend to sell. The product or service you are promoting should be the hero. Period. Distracting consumers with irrelevant information may discourage them from making a purchase or proceeding with your desired action.

Show off your product

Use any and all means to show your product and its capabilities. Whether it is by utilizing images or 3D flash animation, showing your product in action can greatly increase the chances a consumer will understand its use and react. If your product or service is not tangible, select an image or logo that best represents it.

Be a Know-it-All

Amp up your credibility and prove to consumers you are the only reliable resource in your market sector. Testimonials are a great way to prove you are a dependable source. Consumers trust other consumers, and reading about the positive experiences others have had with your product will boost their confidence in you.

You are the problem solver

Whether you’re trying to get users to click, buy, register or invite a friend, you should treat your landing page as you would a new business pitch, because essentially that’s what it is. As with any new business pitch you should bring light to the issues your consumers face. Then, tell them how your product/service is the only one that will solve this problem with ease.

When it comes to any form of web marketing and design, everything from SEO copywriting to tracking analytics must be considered. Investing in a firm that produces quality web designs will greatly benefit your business in reaching your desired goals. Call us today to find out how we can help you with your web marketing needs.

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