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Build and Brand Your Business Using Online Games

Many website visitors often leave a site without joining the conversation or making a purchase. If businesses want to make their website more inviting and engaging to their customers, adding a compelling online game is the way to go. Online games are fun and you can use them to promote or teach viewers about your company all while they’re enjoying an exciting game. Plus, when you add a prize or cash incentive, viewers will be more likely to tell their friends, family and colleagues about your site increasing brand awareness.

Some interactive online games include trivia games, scratch-off games, instant win, collect and win and puzzle games. For example, online scratch-off games are designed to take the place of the traditional probability-based scratch-off  cards, in which every card holds a potential winner. Players simply click the designated number of squares to reveal the winning symbol or answer. If they correctly reveal the winning symbol or answer, they are the  winner.

Online games also allow you to collect data, increase the length of time viewers stay on the site and allow you to build your customer relationships by sending out personalized and relevant direct mail pieces, eblasts, promotions and holiday greetings. Adding online games to your site is also a great way to initiate contact and engage with customers through online experiences and compel prospects to take directed action. In addition, it’s a great way to forge ongoing relationships between brands and individuals.


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