2013’s Best Viral YouTube Videos

Ever wonder what it takes to create a viral YouTube video for your brand? Companies from Geico and Pepsi to Internet Explorer and Old Spice have rocked the YouTube world with funny videos that build valuable brand awareness.

Check out some of this year’s biggest and funniest brand building YouTube videos. These companies have proven they have the creative genius to pull off the creation of this year’s viral YouTube videos!

Geico’s Hump Day Camel Commercial

Geico has long relied on funny and catchy commercials to sell car insurance. They broke the mold when it came to advertising in their industry. While most companies were focusing on serious commercials to illicit a sense of trust, Geico went a different route and it’s been paying off ever since. Remember the Cave Man commercials? Geico has continued to produce viral YouTube videos and continues to grow in their share of the car insurance market.


IE Child of the 90’s

There’s a reason why Internet Explorer still controls over 50% of the browser market share – much of their user base is thanks to the Baby Boomer generation. Internet Explorer is now targeting Generation Y to start using their product again through nostalgic YouTube videos. With their brand new IE 10 already controlling nearly 20% of the market, Internet Explorer has big hopes for IE 11 and their new strategy just might work.


TNT – Netherlands Launch

To launch TNT into the Netherland’s market, they made a video centered on a giant ‘press for drama’ button. When unsuspecting passerby’s pressed the button they transported into a movie-like setting filled with all kinds of dramatic events. TNT’s YouTube video called “A dramatic surprise on an ice-cold day” became an instant sensation.


Old Spice – Watermelon Soap

Old Spice became huge hit around 3 years ago when they began producing quirky, random videos featuring their products. By continually producing videos that maintain their brand identity, Old Spice has built up a solid audience of loyal fans. One of their more successful videos this year was a random commercial for their new watermelon scented bar soap.


Pepsi Max Test Drive – Jeff Gordon

Pepsi Max revved up their portfolio of viral YouTube videos with their most recent funny clip featuring NASCAR’s Jeff Gordon. Using hidden cameras, they took a secret recording of Jeff Gordon going on a test drive in disguise. The car salesman’s face was priceless and Pepsi Max got great publicity from the stunt.


Kmart – Ship My Pants

You wouldn’t expect viral YouTube video edging on inappropriate to come from Kmart. With their large family based consumer audience, Kmart took a chance and it paid off big time with this viral video sensation called “Ship My Pants”. They followed up with “Big Gas Discounts”. Try saying either one out loud and you’ll know why we say they’re not so family friendly.


Jimmy Kimmel – Twerking Girl On Fire

Revealed to be a hoax by Jimmy Kimmel, this YouTube video took the internet by storm. Coming out right after Miley went on a twerking spree at the VMA awards, this was YouTube gold. Jimmy Kimmel received a ton of publicity and strengthened his personal brand image as one of Late Night’s favorite funny men.


The common theme between all of these viral YouTube videos is that they’re funny, entertaining and only subtly market the product. Consumers will watch, share and engage with videos that aren’t a sales pitch. Keep that in mind when planning out your next YouTube video!

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