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  • J.M. Field Marketing Hires New Graphic Designer – Monique Miah



    April 23, 2013 – Fort Lauderdale, FL – J.M. Field Marketing and JMF Studios is proud to welcome graphic designer Monique Miah to the Creative Department at JMF Studios! With her previous experience that includes branding, web graphics, print collateral and pre-production, Miah will be working on both in-house and client projects to produce work that…

  • Creative Services CMYK vs. RGB

    Creative Services are built on foundational knowledge. Here, Michael explains the difference between CMYK and RGB. To learn more about the creative services we offer, visit https://www.jmfieldmarketing.com/graphic-design

  • Creative Services – What is DPI?

    Creative Services – The Basics – What is DPI? DPI, or dots per square inch, describes the resolution needed for certain printing projects. Higher DPI means better resolution. To learn more about our creative services please visit https://www.jmfieldmarketing.com/printing-services/

  • Creative Services – What is Pantone Color?

    Creative Services are built from basics. We know those basics. What is Pantone Color? J.M. Field Marketing expert answers FAQs about Graphic Design. To learn more about these services, please visit https://www.jmfieldmarketing.com/graphic-design/