Richie Kahn

What about Richie Kahn?

The hardest part of writing about oneself is choosing the right person to write it in. If you write in the first person, it becomes the “I” Olympics. If you write it in the second person, you sound like a shortstop in the middle of salary negotiations. “That Richie Kahn, he’s done it all.” So, we’re just gonna chat about me, him, Richie. But you can call me him.

First of all, let’s dispense with the false modesty, I am not the brightest guy around. But for some reason God has blessed me with some gifts. A passion for words, (honed by literally 8-10 thousand games of Scrabble with my mother) and an insatiable appetite for the undone. I swear I can’t tell you the difference between a verb, noun or adjective if my life depended on it, but I do know how to place them on the triple-word score. I have no concept of proper grammar, and if it wasn’t…or is it weren’t…for spell-check, fuhgetta boutit.

But it didn’t hold me back from writing some long-lasting ad campaigns (you don’t have to know English to write advertising) and memorable taglines for companies like (or is it such as) Chevrolet, Coca-Cola, Toyota, American Airlines, Chil’s, General Mills, and on and on. Him was the youngest exec VP Programming at NBC during the un-glory years. He launched the Double-Decker Tour business in New York, and I am currently in the middle of four very high–profile new (as in never been done before) product launches. Seriously, I am very excited about hooking up with J.M. Field Marketing.

The one thing I can and will promise is that if I get to work on your business, you won’t see anything “off-the-shelf”. There are already enough people doing that. So much for the modesty part. References positively and absolutely upon request.

On the personal side, I live for my family and need to lose 40 pounds.

-Richie Kahn

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