New Facebook Buy Button Makes the Social Network an Ecommerce Middleman

Wouldn’t online shopping be so much easier if you could buy your products from only one platform? It can definitely be both frustrating and time-consuming to visit different websites for individual merchandise. You’re fiddling through a bunch of retail websites, trying to escape pop-up advertisements that won’t go away and plugging in credit card information over and over again like a robot. I don’t think many people would argue that it would be more satisfying if the world had the option to perform in-platform purchases, without ever having to leave the website you’re already on. But what website is ready to step up and lead the way as a middleman for mobile Ecommerce? Facebook is!

Facebook Buy Button Paves the Way for Social Shopping

As of July, Facebook released information that it’s starting to test out a new feature on its website called the Facebook buy button. Most people think of Facebook exclusively as a social media sharing site, not a place where you’d ever think about purchasing products or handing over your treasured bank account data. On a given day on Facebook, your newsfeed most likely has countless driver’s seat selfies, Kermit memes, re-shared Buzzfeed articles (because you just can’t not find out which Disney princess you are in real life), political advice from your friends that are clearly running for office and irrelevant motivational quotes that evoke no emotion. In other words, you’re not logging into Facebook and seeing your friends buying products left and right. That’s because Facebook, until recently, hasn’t really delved into the world of Ecommerce too much. Yes, once upon a time there was the obsession with Facebook credits and Facebook gifts taking over the social media realm, but they just don’t really compare to the addition of a Facebook buy button. The Facebook buy button is an excellent example of a call-to-action maneuver that encourages users to act on impulse and purchase items displayed on their screen.

In-Platform Ads + Impulse Shopping = Instant Transactions

What makes this type of mobile shopping different from other forms is that it creates spontaneous purchases. For instance, when you know you want to order a book you’re most likely going to browse through Barnes& or Amazon because you know, based on familiarity, they will most likely have your product in stock. If there’s a new bikini out that you’ve been dying to get, you’re on the Victoria’s Secret website in less than 10 seconds. The difference that the Facebook buy button brings users is a sense of urgency to shop, even when they don’t intend to shop. Instead of getting lost in cyber space and switching from website to website with a purpose to purchase something, the Facebook buy button stimulates users with ads (from different retailers and brands) while they’re “Facebooking” with friends and browsing through their newsfeed. So not only do you get curious about the product, you also aren’t forced to leave the platform to purchase it. This alluring product display and quick in-platform checkout process makes it easy for users to buy anything in a spur-of-the-moment decision.

Business Boost: How the Facebook Buy Button can Help Drive Sales

Although the Facebook buy button has a clear objective to target users and catch their attention with call-to-action ads, Facebook users won’t be the only ones benefitting from the new feature. If you’re a business with a Facebook presence, “likes” and followers can only help you advance so far. Think about how much more your business would prosper, and how your sales will increase, once users start clicking the Facebook buy button. Since your business ads are appearing on Facebook and tempting users to buy products, it’s like getting sales without having to even lift a finger. As the quote by Earl Taylor goes, “Nobody likes to be sold but everybody likes to buy.” By providing enticing ads and virtually putting your brand out there, you’re luring users in and letting Facebook create a chance to help you hook them on the line. Also, as more and more people use the Facebook buy button, they’ll start to feel more comfortable with mobile shopping. If more people learn to be content with online purchases and mobile shopping via social sites becomes the norm, before you know it there will be a global engagement between the social media sphere and Ecommerce.

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