Happy Social Media Day 2014!

Mashable, the popular British-American news website that also includes a technology and social media blog, will be celebrating their 5th annual Social Media Day. This global event takes place each year on June 30 to commemorate social media and digital innovation

The History of Social Media

Social MediaAlthough Social Media Day was first started in 2010, social media started more than a decade ago in 1994. The network was called “Geocities” and it allowed users to create their own website classified by six “cities” that were assigned personality characteristics. In the next three years, sites such as theglobe.com, AOL Instant messenger and sixdegrees.com emerged, implementing instant messaging as well as profile creation onto their sites.

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In 2002, Friendster was created and initiated online communication involving real-world friends, one of the reasons we use social media for today. This social media outlet became popular rapidly, acquiring 3 million users in the first three months.

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The next arrival to the social media world was Myspace. Mistakenly thought to be a “Friendster clone”, this social media platform was brought to life in 2003. Interestingly enough, the first version was rapidly coded in a mere ten days. Other sites launched right after include Netlog, Classmates.com, Jaiku, Tribe.net, LinkedIn and more.


In 2004, one of the leading social networking sites, Facebook, was created at Harvard College with over half of the 19, 5000 students signing up in its first month. Although Twitter soon followed, it by no means surpasses Facebook in popularity as of now. With 1 in every 13 people on Earth on Facebook and more than 2.5 million websites integrated with Facebook, including over 80 of comScore’s U.S. Top 100 websites and over half of comScore’s Global Top 100 websites, it won’t be going away any time soon.

How Can You Celebrate Social Media Day?

The majority of the meet ups for Social Media Day consist of networking, education and, of course, fun. Depending on the location of the meetup, participants can hear and meet speakers as well as participate in “social media” based activities. For instance, Atlanta will be hosting a social competition to see who the state’s top 100 social media influencers are while San Diego will be featuring a Vine workshop with famous Vine magician Zach King. Prices for these events can be free or cost as much as $100.

If you are unable to make any of these Social Media Day events, feel free to update a status on any social media platform with the hashtag #SMDay.

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