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SEO Changes and What It Means for Your Business

Let’s face it – the world of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) hinges on the ever-changing updates and whims of the world’s largest search engine: Google. Controlling more than 67% of the U.S. search market, Google is a search engine monster for a reason – it gives people the results they actually want. Since the beginning of Google, there have been self-proclaimed SEO Experts that have tried to ‘trick’ Google with “black hat” SEO tactics. Less than ethical SEO tactics would work wonders, but often the results don’t last long. Why? Simple – Google stays in business by being the best search engine in the world and the best search engine doesn’t let less than savory results pop up in the top ten. With that said, SEO changes are occurring more and more frequently.

How does the Google Algorithm Change Affect Search Engine Optimization?

The fact is that Google changes its search engine algorithm 500-600 times each year. Although these changes are minor, Google also releases a major algorithm change once every few months. These continuous efforts work toward preventing webmasters from trying to game the system. Anytime Google makes a major change to its unreleased search engine algorithm, it triggers a perpetual SEO avalanche. Companies must either quickly adapt their Search Engine Optimization tactics or they risk ending up buried under pages and pages of search results.

Don’t Put all Your SEO Eggs in One Basket

The issue with tackling SEO for a search engine that changes its search algorithm on a regular basis is the fact that one Search Engine Optimization tactic that worked yesterday may not work today. Often companies find one SEO tool or method that delivers results and don’t branch out to seek other options. These companies run the risk of Google changing their algorithm and it completely voiding all the Search Engine Optimization work they’ve done. It’s the SEO equivalent of putting all your eggs in one basket. Getting quick search engine ranking may seem like a good idea but you want search engine rankings that don’t tank each time Google updates their algorithm. A better plan is to use multiple SEO marketing techniques to strengthen the core of your Search Engine Optimization marketing plan and keep your website ranking even when Google makes minor changes to their algorithm.

So You’re Saying it’s My Website vs. Google?

Search engines, like Google, may seem like the enemy when you are trying to get your page to rank but Google certainly isn’t a villain. Yes, Google may appear to strive for world search market domination (they certainly have enough information to do so) but it’s important to remember that the fight isn’t your website vs. Google. Google is happy to rank your website if you clearly tell Google what your website is about and your website has a good reputation with valuable content. This is where using Search Engine Optimization comes into play. Make sure that Google, or any search engine, has all the right information in order to rank your site correctly and you’ll see results. Remember that ten legitimate customers visiting your site and converting a sale is better than a hundred “accidental” click-through’s that leave your site right away.

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