What Will Google’s My Activity Feature Mean For You and Your Business?

Google recently released its newest feature My Activity, which basically opened user’s doors to a whole new world of data. Some of the aspects of the feature most users are already familiar with, but what’s interesting and new is how we can now access and control all of the data we create.

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What Does Google’s My Activity Entail?

When you are signed into Google Chrome, everything you search, click, tap, view, you name it, is saved to your own special realm of data. Now with My Activity, you can control what is in your search history and what you want to see from now on.

Search history down to the day and exact moment is now logged into the feature, and it allows for you to add, delete and customize what you’ve searched, your interests, and what you want and don’t want to see.


Six Ways Google My Activity Is Using Data to Better Serve You

1) Getting You To Your Destination Efficiently: Google Maps is constantly updating what is going on around your location. The Maps app can detect when traffic patterns change, so when vehicles start moving slowly on a specific highway, it will reroute you if possible to take a faster way. Thanks to the other drivers that are unfortunately stuck in the traffic you are now avoiding.

2) Knowing What You Meant To Say: Google is like that significant other or best friend that always knows what you’re thinking or finishes your sentence for you. The company modeled a spelling correction model that takes data from others that have made the same or similar typos and corrects it according to how often it happens.

3) YouTube Finds Videos You Like: Aside from suggesting what the world is watching so you’re aware of what’s trending, YouTube utilizes the data from what you’ve previously searched so they can make suggestions based what you like. So whether it’s videos of sloths, DIY tutorials, or yoga, it will be nicely sorted out and available at your fingertips.

4) Filling Out Forms With Autocomplete: Any time you make a purchase or sign up for something there’s always the same form that you have to fill out with your personal information. When you sign in to Google Chrome and start filling out that personal information, the data is captured and safely and securely saved, so your information can be automated throughout each form and save you time.

5) Making Your Information Easily Accessible: When you are signed in to Chrome, you can search for things that you have saved in other areas of the browser, like Google Photos or Calendar. Instead of shuffling through to find something like a photo from way back when, all you have to do is type what you’re looking for into Google Search and it will pop up into your private search results.

6) Get Useful Updates With Google Now: Google Now is a data service that pulls upcoming events from your calendar and recent searches. You can also specify what exactly it is you want real time updates for by requesting it on what is called a “card” in the feature. Google Now can detect how long it will take you to walk from one place to another, or how your favorite sports team did in the big game. Personalize it by what information you want to see by adding and deleting cards.

So What Does This Mean for Business?

Marketers can communicate more personally with consumers and deliver information based on what they are looking for, according to where they are, what time, and for what occasion. It’s a way to put consumers first and maximize engagement that’s honestly expected from consumers this day and age.

Google My Activity has created a way for people to get back from how much they are on their smart phones, using Google’s services all day every day. For marketing, it’s a way to connect with our customers and capitalize on the information we have collected in order to better serve our markets.

If you are interested in learning how to connect with your audience, contact a member of our SEO team today!

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