Are You Considering Video SEO?

Video SEO (video search engine optimization) is an extension of SEO. Having quality videos that support products or services can improve the conversion rate of your website. A successful conversion is different for every company but is typically determined by product sales, membership registration, downloads or interaction with your site. Having videos that help your clients understand your product or service can make all the difference between a conversion and a bounce.

Produce Quality Videos

There are many videos available on the same topic as your video. How do you make yours stand out from the crowd? Before you even can think about video SEO, you need to focus on making a high quality product. In today’s marketplace, a poorly made video could actually get you more negative attention than positive. Unless a video is going to make your business look spectacular, it doesn’t need to be posted. Video SEO is a way to get your videos discovered in searches in order to sell your company’s expertise in your field. Make sure all the videos are high quality!

Choose Trafficked Keywords

It’s essential in Video SEO to choose keywords for your video that include words or terms that people are actually searching for on the specific site you want them to find the post. For example, “complaint letter” is not a term that is searched on YouTube. However, on Google, that specific keyword gets over 3,600 local monthly searches! Writing a blog post with the keyword “complaint letter” is a great idea to drive traffic to your site. Yet, using the same keyword for a YouTube video won’t have the same effect.

Use Relevant Keywords

Be very careful to choose keywords that have not only high traffic scores but are also both relevant and competitive. You don’t want to drive the wrong traffic to your video because users won’t recommend it or like it. Good Video SEO requires keyword consistency. Your video title and description should both contain your focus keyword.

Embed Your Video on Your Website

YouTube is free and a great place to host your video. After loading your video on YouTube, you can then embed your YouTube Videos on your website for Video SEO purposes. Having YouTube videos on your website benefits your YouTube SERP (search engine results page) because the views on your website are also considered views on your YouTube account. You can also generate traffic to your video by using a keyword rich content page. By creating a video sitemap for the video embedded on your website, you also make it easier for search engines to discover and index it.

For more information about how Video SEO can improve your website, please contact us.

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