Sean Jones

Sean.Jones-20An old friend once told me, “a life worth living is a life worth writing about.” Since then I have tried to write as much as I can every day. My communication and advertising degree from Florida International University has given me the skills to effectively put my thoughts into words, and J.M. Field Marketing has provided me with the avenue to display my thoughts and ideas on marketing. I am continually improving my writing skills while blogging about different marketing subjects that interest me.

I was born and raised in Miami, Florida and love that I live in a state where we only have two seasons, spring and summer. I enjoy writing, drawing and painting; anything that allows me to unleash my creative side. I am a sports and fitness fanatic. I enjoy any activities that get the blood pumping. I play almost every sport, but basketball and tennis are the two I play religiously. I even give group tennis lessons on Saturdays.

I enjoy living life to the fullest and learning from all the speed bumps that I encounter. I hope you will take a little positivity with you from all of my blogs.

—Sean Jones 954-523-1957 ext. 27

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