Our Custom Promotional Items

You can count on us to create custom products and promotional items that will effectively promote your company. You can use these products as gift items to give to loyal customers, your vendors or your top salespeople. You can even use custom products as giveaways at trade show events, as part of direct mail campaigns and for many other purposes.

Some of the most successful custom products we have created include:

  • Surfboard Campaign
  • Imprinted Turkey Fryer
  • Baseball & Gnome Bobblehead

Choosing Custom Products

Custom products are great tools for advertising your products and services to prospective customers. We design and manufacture custom promotional items that make a bold statement. We understand products that are used daily are very effective marketing devices. A customer may decide to work with you simply because you have a custom gift item that offers a practical use and is always visible to your target market. For instance, we can create a flash drive that is shaped like your logo or we can match a pen’s body color to the PMS inks in your logo.

Designing your Custom Promotional Items

Sometimes looking for the perfect corporate products leaves you with only one option, to create them from the ground up as your very own custom promotional items. We have the ability to design, manufacture and deliver your custom items. We can take designs as primitive as sketches on a napkin or as complex as CAD drawings and turn them into fully functioning custom made items. In addition, we can modify your existing products or create a completely custom piece. Our promotional items will prominently feature your company name, logo and phone number.

Not all custom made items are expensive, when you work with our team, we will use your budget to create the most effective custom promotional items for your company.

By maintaining tight control over the entire production of your custom items, we can make manufacturing and importing products both economical and hassle free.

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