Want to Make A Scene for Halloween? Our Halloween Promotion Ideas are the Perfect Choice

It’s about that time again… The season of pumpkin spice lattes, orange foliage and cool breezes. But who can forget about that sweet, candy-filled holiday that comes around ever year? Regardless of whether or not you’re gorging on Butterfingers or dressing up like Cleopatra, you know you’re participating in Halloween in some way or another. We’ve come up with several Halloween promotion ideas that will get you in the spooky spirit while also increasing brand visibility!

Glow in The Dark Items

 Halloween promotion ideas  Halloween promotion ideas
If you’ve been to a Halloween theme park or haunted house, you’ve probably seen plenty of things that glow in the dark. Halloween promotion ideas, especially products that glow in the dark, are a great way to make your brand more visible and make people aware of your business. Light up your next company event with reflective safety slap bracelets as low as $1.04, glow in the dark wristbands that are only $1.07 or strobe lights for the low price of $1.03. If those Halloween promotion ideas don’t suit you, we also have $1.56 reflective safety Velcro bands and $1.04 rectangular safety reflective stickers. You can’t go wrong by lighting up your logo with these awesome Halloween promotion ideas.

Halloween Bags

Halloween promotion ideas
Looking for something a little more classic? If you’re hosting a promo event, Halloween bags can serve as great giveaway items or prizes. Some Halloween promotion ideas regarding bags include economy drawstring bags (for those into the back-pack style), orange and black tote bags and orange and black cooler bags. Our Halloween tote bags start as low as $1.68 for black and $1.79 for orange. If you’re trying to find Halloween bags on the cheaper side, why not go with plastic bags with die-cut handles? Customize your orange or white Halloween bags with your brand’s logo or hand them out at a promo event.

Don’t let Halloween pass by without sealing the deal on these popular Halloween promotion ideas! J.M. Field Marketing can set you up for success, if you decide to choose any of these Halloween-inspired promo products to expand your brand.

For more information on promotional products and Halloween promotion ideas, contact Paul Honcharski at Paul@jmfield.com

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