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Trade Show Etiquette Do’s and Don’ts

You’ve worked hard to create the perfect exhibit and the most effective marketing materials for your trade show debut. But it’s not only the attractiveness of your exhibit that will determine the success of your booth, but also how your staff interacts with your prospective customers. You need to set clear goals for your trade show staff, so that they know what is expected of each of them.

Once prospective customers begin entering your booth, it’s your employee’s job to greet everyone, make them feel welcome and assist them with anything they need. The employees you’ve chosen to help you staff the trade show booth need to be:

Respectful of the company and its mission

Knowledgeable about the company and its products and/or services

Knowledgeable about the marketing campaign and its message

Have a professional appearance

In addition, they need to actively listen to your prospective customers, be gracious and kind. Don’t forget your booth should be manned at all times, by either you or one of your employees. This will allow you to examine the latest trends and technology in your industry by checking out your competitor’s booth. Once you have gone over the etiquette rules with your employees, your trade show booth is sure to be a success.

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