The Power of Promotional Products

Keeping your company’s name in front of your customers and prospects is vital to the continued success of your business. The best way to get people to remember your company name is to give them promotional products that they can use in their daily life. Unlike ads which can be easily forgotten or overlooked, promotional products have longevity. By simply imprinting your company name, logo and phone number on promotional products, it will serve as a reminder long after the marketing event is over.

There are a wide variety of promotional products available to you, in addition to the ever-popular pens, markers and key chains. From travel mugs to pet toys to corporate apparel and promotional bags. Consider choosing an item that is related to your business. For instance, a bank may give out money clips or a piggy bank, a cruise line may choose luggage tags or travel duffle bags, and a hotel may select tote bags or sunblock. Regardless of what you choose, the product has to be of good quality and have meaning for your audience. Plus, if you’re marketing to different target markets, it’s okay to vary the promotional products to better fit them.

While the holiday season is an excellent time to give away promotional products, those given at unexpected times are often more effective. Giving away an eye-catching yet useful item will stand out in people’s minds, instead of being forgotten among all the other corporate holiday gifts. You should work with a marketing company that has years of experience selecting promotional products. We can pick a product that ties in with an activity/event that is directly related to your business, such as an anniversary or new product introduction.

You can also use promotional items:

  • To thank new and loyal customers. For instance, a university might want to give out alarm clocks, t-shirts or backpacks to their students.
  • Use them to support community events and sport teams. Try donating footballs or frisbees to your town’s summer festival.
  • To recognize your employees for their hard work and dedication to your company. You can give away awards, medals, corporate apparel or golf sets. Employees who feel appreciated will do a better job.

When used properly, promotional  products can build relationships with customers, encourage word-of-mouth referrals and create a positive impression about your company.

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