Super Bowl 44 Promotional Items

How many of you thought the New Orleans Saints would actually win? We all were almost evenly divided. Congrats to the Saints for playing such an amazing game. After the game ended, I noticed that the NFL organization quickly handed out two specific promotional items  to the Saints including a NFL champion custom hat and printed shirt.

This was a great promotional strategy to display the Super Bowl promotional items on national TV. Granted the NFL chose certain products every year, but that’s because they work. Who doesn’t want an NFL Super Bowl 44 hat and shirt, especially if you’re a sports fan? Plus, shirts and hats are inexpensive and can be quickly given out to the winning team right after the game. Great exposure huh! And messenger bags or promotional pens don’t quite have the same appeal here. Sports fans and Saints fans alike are more likely to purchase hats and shirts.

The NFL Super Bowl product choices were well-thought out and considered by the organization. Any company that decides to utilize promotional products should think about the item (s) that best fit their marketing campaign. Simple yet effective wins every time.


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