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Steps to Building a Championship Team


Everybody wants a Championship Team but usually a company is not willing to do what it takes to get the job done. It’s not so much the execution than it is attitude and culture. What do I mean, most middle and upper management employees have not been coached or trained in the area of helping their staff develop to the highest version of themselves. Here is what we know as humans about recognition and acknowledgment is one of the number 1 keys to a productive and happy work environment yet the attitude towards this type of training and personal development is never a priority. This approach would be considered proactive, however most companies are reactive in nature.

So here is guide to help you build a Championship Team

1.    Set A Context To Win!

  • Give permission to make mistakes and eliminate the fear of them.
  • Prevent repeated mistakes by encouraging quick correction and “ownership” of the behavior that caused the mistake.
  • Eliminate blame, justification and quitting.
  • Bring team” “above the responsibility line”

2.    The Roulette Wheel of Leadership is Key!

  • Everyone can and must lead when their given talent is called for or when the ball drops on their number
  • Each person must choose to lead.
  • Leader must acknowledge other power/talent in the team or would be leaders.
  • If not chosen as leader, be willing to subordinate to the leadership at hand. (let them lead)
  • If placed into leadership, be of service to the group immediately or risk being resented and undermined.

3.    Knowing Who Is On The Team.

  • If picking a team, assumptions should be based more on character rather than credentials. Pick attitude before skill… skills can be taught.
  • If not able to pick the team, know who they really are based upon what really makes them tick inside.
  • Seek the “unique ability” of each person and get them to play to their strengths. Don’t focus on natural weakness. That’s why you have a team.

4.     Everyone Must Play!

  • Remember that “Highest Energy Wins” Energy goes up when everyone is playing. Everyone must get involved
  • Without a game, people make up their own game, so make sure everyone is on their task and mission

5.    Rules & Code of Honor

  • Know the external rules.
  • Create the internal rules of conduct (Code of Honor)
  • Behavioral & Technical Standards Must Be Clear & Tight
  • Breaches of performance must be “called” quickly and cleanly otherwise team members “collect stamps” of resentment that get cashed in later.

6.       Create Systems That Turn Team Players into Champions.

  • Operations should be system dependent and not people dependent. That allows everyone to be a champion.

7.     Learn to Thrive Under Pressure and Create a Forum to Release the Stress and Emotion that builds up.

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