Selecting Effective Promotional Products

Depending on your industry, trade shows or corporate exhibitions will surely become a critical part of your business at one time or another. Whether you’re participating or simply viewing the exhibits, promotional products are bound to be everywhere. Promotional items function much like a business card and billboard all packaged into one brilliant idea. Promotional products serve as a form of tangible communication as well as a mobile advertisement that is likely to be displayed where others can also see them.

Promotional products help create brand awareness and even brand loyalty. By providing your targeted audience with practical imprinted products, they are more likely to remember your business the next time your products or services are required. However, as with all forms of advertising, there is strategy in choosing the right promotional products for your business. Here are some tips for the best practices when it comes to selecting promotional items for your business:

Be Intriguing

With promotional products, you want to intrigue not only those who first receive your items but also those consumers that may see them in passing. For example, promotional t-shirts may seem like an overused method, but by simply investing in quality and taking note of the latest trends, other prospects are more likely to notice.

Be Present

Choose a promotional item that won’t be gifted to the dog as a chew toy or forgotten about easily. Instead, make sure you pick a promotional product that will be seen often. For example, dashboard items like logoed dashboard grip mats, cell phone adapters and even organizers will all come in handy and will be seen on a regular basis.

Be Relevant

When selecting your promotional products, you want to ensure that your items are not only relevant to your business and customer, but also that they go along with current trends. For instance, although they are useful at times, stress balls have become a dying trend. You want to choose unique items that will find use in today’s lifestyle. Aluminum sports bottles, tote bags, acrylic tumblers and iPad cases are all great products that many people want, but would rather not spend money on for themselves. Take advantage of the opportunity to offer your prospects something they want with your logo imprinted on it.

You cannot go wrong with imprinted promotional products, but you should make sure that those you select are functional and useful to your targeted audience.

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