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Recognition Plans

In today’s corporate world and the feeling of total uncertainty from the employee’s perspective, it’s time companies focus on the people and recognition programs that are tied to the corp. objectives. Companies that are placing substantial value on their people are going to weather these tough times. Setting up a company store so employees can choose items is simple and has a perceived value. All these items will be tied to performance and company objectives. Companies are missing the boat big time if their recognition consists of a 1 year, 3-year service award program. Think about how many gift-giving holidays there are. People need to feel appreciated all the time. How long do you think your marriage would last, if you recognized your spouse just once a year? There would be a lot of unhappy married folks. We spend more time at work than we do at home and it is no secret, productivity goes up when people are feeling valued and appreciated. So the smart CEO’S are investing resources into service awards programs that involve the whole family. Wow what a concept.

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