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Pump Up your Sales Incentive Program

When I think about incentive programs, I remember the techno song lyrics “pump up the jam, pump it up.” And, that’s exactly what a well-designed sales incentive program can do. Your incentive program should motivate, reinforce positive behavior and inspire your employees. With a strong incentive program in place, you will see a positive increase in your employee’s sales performance and your company’s overall ROI.

When I was a teenager, I worked at one of the local retail stores (let’s call it R Store). Their incentive was a 25 dollar gift card to R Store, which was rewarded monthly to the best sales person. I always thought that if they offered more attractive and meaningful rewards, the program would have been more successful. After three months, the incentive program was almost forgotten.  Yes, the sales incentive program was simple and straightforward, but it needed more to keep it going.

A successful sales incentive program should:

  • Offer a variety of attractive and meaningful rewards
  • The rewards should be given away more often
  • You should continually create awareness and excitement about the program
  • Your employees should be able to track their sales progress
  • It should be constantly monitored (Hire or consult with a marketing firm)
  • Should be flexible and customizable.

You can offer expensive as well as inexpensive sales incentive gifts such as gift cards, crystal paperweights, digital cameras or vacation trips. These attractive rewards will give your employees something to strive for and look forward to whenever they are working through obstacles or challenges. In the end, your sales incentive program should be hassle-free, so that it doesn’t take use up your valuable time. At J.M. Field Marketing, we can pump up your employees with our innovative sales incentive program.

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