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Prequalifying the Marketing Director

For all promotional sales specialists, there is some key language that will determine if you are wasting your time with the wrong marketing director. Would you also like to know what the number one reason promotional sales specialists don’t last in this business? The answer is simple: they are presenting their offer to an unqualified Marketing Director.

Warning: Please don’t read on if you are happy with your current income. These next few sentences could mean all the difference. You must know if you have a good prospect right away. Here is an example of a basic qualifying question: After a 30 second intro you want to ask; Mr. or Mrs. Jones if I could show you 3 or 4 promotional products that will help your referral business by 27% is this something you would have interest in learning more about. You could also customize your basic qualifying question by asking questions and learning some of their hot points or problems they might be having. After a series of questions you have uncovered a few key problems your marketing director is facing. You now can tailor a customized qualifying question. It may sound something like; Mr. or Mrs. Jones you shared with me that the amount of leads has drop off 23% and your vendor has been late on the last three print orders; You say” If I could show you that my company has a proven track record of generating leads and and has a guaranteed in hands date on all orders, would you schedule an hour for us to meet so I can show you how our company may be a fit?

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