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#2-3 out of 12 of the Biggest Mistakes all Trainers and Presenters Make


Attempting to be INTERESTING instead of being INTERESTED.

Here is what we know to be 100% true, get this right and you are on your way. You have heard it time and time again. It is all about them. Whether you are facilitating, managing, instructing, teaching or attempting to build long-term relationship, the mindset of genuine interest is critical. Being truly tuned in to what the other party is thinking, what their issues and challenges are, or their current state of mind is. Your ability to actually show real interest in another person’s plight will endear you to them and will build tremendous trust and rapport. Easier said than done, but “I know you are up for the challenge!”

Problem:  Too many times we are either worried about being interesting and therefore try to impress by talking about ourselves, our infinite wisdom, our data or the show were putting on so that the group will like us.. This is not the path you want to go down.  People love to talk about themselves and love to have to you ask them their opinions and their reflections.  You can be a great facilitator by simply asking the group about their take on the material, how it applies or does not apply to them.  It your tone shows true interest, you have opened the door to life-long learning for them and moved toward the building of a great relationship.  If you speak from the heart the group will embrace you if you don’t they will pick up on it and your credibility will fall short.

Big Tip!  Use a lot of eye contact to see where the group is in terms of energy, understanding ect.. This cracks me up I saw a speaker and he knew he was loosing the room. So instead of asking question and checking in with the group, he just spoke louder and louder, it wasn’t pretty.  If the group is a bit down or you sense some confusion, stop and ask them how they are doing and if there is any confusion  or problems. Asking questions continually is one of the secrets to calibrating where your group is at.

Mistake # 3

Singling Out Right Versus Wrong Answers.
“ Their are Winners And There Are Learners”

Here is something we all will remember, sitting in school and now the teacher has called on you to answer a question. We have place a huge premium on the right answer. The biggest penalty for offering a wrong answer was the humiliation that came along with it when the teacher told you were wrong in front of the entire class, and then the real fun began when all your peers started in with the snickering. The truth is that you actually learn the most from mistakes if they are treated as “learning experiences.”

Whether you are speaking to 1 person or 5000 people, any answer to one of your questions should be welcomed and acknowledged!  The willingness of your audience to engage in the process of learning dialogue is to be applauded and encouraged.  (It’s really scary to offer an answer in front of others.) Simply thank them for their answer and say “Thank you for the answer but it is not quite what I was looking for.” Singling out right verses wrong makes some better or smarter than others and may alienate those in the class who are not yet sure about participating. Once you receive the correct answer, acknowledge it and go back to your original answer and thank them again for attempting even if they were wrong.

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