Mistake #6 of 12 for Trainers and Presenters to Avoid


Being in front of a room of people can certainly be intimidating. As I stated in earlier blogs, the fear of  public speaking or simply looking foolish in front of peers or important strikes terror in the hearts of many of us. Even after 4 years of public speaking, I am still a nervous wreck before even the smallest of presentations.  Now let talk about your worst nightmare coming true, when a participant of the group who simply does not agree or worse yet gets upset with the facilitator in front of the whole group!

Steering clear of upset and challenge is a huge mistake because it is at the moment of challenge that a person stands to learn the most. By being cool in the heat of the upset or challenge, the whole group will gain whole new levels of learning. The object is to listen to what the upset is thoroughly and all the way through. DO NOT ATTEMPT to solve the upset or calculate a comeback or an answer while they are still talking. Instead listen for the real cause of the challenge. Is it confusion, mistrust, a differing experience, anger, etc. Then, rather than answer them or solve it, ask more questions about why they are upset, what their personal experience has been, what would make them feel better?

Then, after several questions and a lot of good listening, repeat why you perceive them to be upset and get verification if that is correct. Do not make them wrong! After all of this you may attempt to offer a solution to their dilemma. Chances are they may have come up with one already on their own if the questioning on your part has been good.
The good news is that if they are upset with you or the material, then 90% of the time
They are at least paying attention and are interested.

Your ability to work with this will put you in the top! %  of all trainers and speakers in the world and will jump the level of  learning and trust in the room.

Big Tip… Work with a friend or colleague and role play with the most upsetting and confrontational challenges that someone could give you and practice responding.

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