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Mistake #5 of 12 for Trainers and Presenters to Avoid


Similar to preaching, many of us spend too much time talking or telling rather than showing interest in the mood or mindset of the group.  Many times it is the intimidation of being in front of a group that drives trainers and facilitators to drone on and on. They are terrified of the group and of the chance that someone may either challenge them, ask them a question that they cannot answer, or (worse) not like them. The problem is that you may be making assumptions about the intelligence, beliefs, or mind set of the group that could be WRONG! This is disastrous in that you end up going south while they are going north.

You should be asking questions of the group regularly. This might sound weird but your question should come ever few minutes to gauge how they are doing. This accomplishes two important things. First, asking very quick and easy closed ended questions- like “Does everyone understand what we just were discussing?”   How many of you here can see how this can apply to you in your own environment? Now here is why you get paid the Big Bucks, you’re now going to see a show of hand and give recognition and this will
keep the energy and the interest in the room high and the pace quick and interesting.
Secondly, asking certain open ended questions- like “Who can give me an example of where they have seen this procedure succeed or fail in the organization?”  Force everyone to apply the data in their own minds and create lively discussions.  Remember, people learn by DOING, participation in the learning process is your goal.

A great way to create instant energy in the room is ask the group to find a partner, and take two minutes and have them each share what they just learned in the previous data that was delivered.

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