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Mistake #11 out of 12 Presenters Should Avoid


As I mentioned earlier, you must keep in close reality with the group. If not, they are going to drift away from you like a ship whose mooring line has been snapped. Many Marketing and promotional sales executives if and when they sense this simply press on harder, start perspiring, talk louder and only aggravate the situation.  There are two ways to lose your audience, the quiet way and the loud way. The marketing/promotional product specialist can create boredom, confusion, skepticism, or fatigue which will result in a quiet slow death by which your audience is simply occupying space and not engaged at all.

The loud way a marketing/promotional product expert will experience an audience that outwardly revolts against what you are doing, saying, or delivering. This can be very scary for the promotional product expert and can easily move to chaos, aggression and the possibility of high confrontation.

The best solution for the marketing/promotional product expert is for the marketing executive to do what’s called “as-ising” the situation or call a time out and ask the group what is going on for them. If your group seems sluggish as the group to pair off for just a couple of minutes to come up with one or two new ideas for a promotion product campaign this will quickly get the energy back.  If you group seems more on the hostile or out of control spectrum, stay cool but demand an explanation of the problem. This is very important; truly listen to what they are saying. By allowing the air to clear, you will have everyone very present and attentive.

-Jeff Rubman

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