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How to Get Your Promotional Product Clients to Understand

There are three elements to building rapport. As a call center/marketing consultant the first thing should be to create some AFFINITY for your potential client. In other words, it helps to be attracted to them for some reason. It could be empathy, mutual interests, common goals or just a general liking of the client. You do not have to love them or be their friend.

As an outstanding promotional product executive you should establish some SHARED REALITY with your client. Talk to them in their language and talk about things in their world.

Third you must communicate in a way that shows that you UNDERSTAND what they are talking about first. If you attempt to understand them first and show that you really do, they will naturally attempt to reciprocate and perhaps look into purchasing a promotional product.

How to Get Your Promotional Product Clients to Understand was last modified: February 24th, 2015 by J.M. Field Marketing
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