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Choose the Perfect Promotional Gifts

corporate giftsEach year we know it can be a daunting task to even think about sending out promotional gifts, however they are critical to the perception of your business. Whether you use your promotional products for internal or external branding they are sure to make a positive impact on your business. Whatever personalized products you decide to send out this year, it’s vital to remember their quality and functionality is most important. The goal is to get clients, consumers and even employees aware of your brand and the thoughtfulness of your company. What you don’t want is your clientele to become aware of the fact that you have no idea how to choose an appropriate corporate gift. Here are a few tips on choosing the perfect promotional gifts:

Know your recipients

Determining first who will be receiving your corporate gifts will help eliminate irrelevant promotional gift ideas. Get to know your clients and employees, what they like, what they dislike and what their hobbies are. Ultimately you should ask yourself, would I like this as a promotional gift? Chances are, if you think it looks cheap or is useless your associates will too.


Establish a budget beforehand so there are no surprises down the road. Depending on your business structure your corporate gifts may be tax deductible up to $25 per person (not including incidentals and shipping), so make sure you take a look at the IRS Publication 463.


This is essential. Giving promotional gifts that is not branded is useless. Personalized items show your organization is willing to take the extra step to remember a client’s name or what they’re interested in.

Keep deadlines in mind

Plan ahead and remember packing and delivery take time. No one wants a Christmas coffee mug after the New Year.

Imprinted products reflect your company image

Giving away imprinted promotional gifts that are of lesser quality or look cheap compared to the products or services you already offer may give associates a bad impression of your business. You should be proud to put your company name on your promotional gifts.

Be creative

Being creative when selecting promotional gifts is a great way to stand out. However, you want to make sure your promotional gifts are practical and will be used on a daily basis.

Search for specials

Promotional products are a hot commodity, especially around the holidays. Check out J.M. Field Marketing’s Holiday Offers and Special Winter Offers or browse through the J.M. Field Store for more great ideas.

Promotional gifts are a great way to connect with employees and strengthen client relationships. This holiday season give your valued associates an imprinted corporate gift that will show them how much your organization appreciates their patronage or hard work.

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