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promotional products

Snoozeville, party of one

Are you stuck with a boring, messy desk? Or maybe you want to make sure your clients think of you when they look down at their nice, neat, inspiring work space? If you’re looking to spruce up your desk but still remain practical about it, we have plenty of promotional products that won’t make you ashamed to post a shameless selfie with your office digs for #WorkDeskWednesday!

One of our more popular office products, a cell phone stand, allows you to both decorate and allocate space for your desk. This cell phone stand holds cellular devices up to 2 ½” wide and is paired with a 2X3 photo frame. This product is perfect to put your favorite picture in view and your cell phone in reach for important calls. It also folds flat for easy mailing to clients or consumers.

promotional products

Another one of our promotional products is an executive desk box, suited for professionals on the go. The executive desk box comes with an iPad/tablet holder, 2 front compartments, large drawer, jewelry/coin holder, lidded compartment and hidden media holes for cables. Contrast stitching and the felt interior and base only enhance this piece.

You can say that our promotional products put the “fun” in functional. Listed here are just two of our products; we have many more to offer. Contact Paul Honcharski at to order from us today!

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