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When an image is considered grayscale, it means that it only contains shades of gray. Black and white images are considered grayscale images because the shading of gray stretches from the weakest level of black to the strongest level of white. More often than not with printing services, sometimes you’ll want to convert to grayscale with an image that either has CMYK or RGB colors. If you’re using Photoshop, an easy way to convert to grayscale is to click Image/Mode/Grayscale. You can also use the Channel Mixer in Photoshop.

To be sure that your grayscale image comes out properly before using our printing services, you’ll need to check your  image for values other than K. This means going back to the final document and checking the current CMYK values before submitting for printing. When there are other values in your image, aside from K, your finished product may display varying colors. You can fix this problem by using Photoshop’s Channel Mixer and selecting the “Monochrome” option.

Printing Services Grayscale Images

You may want to use grayscale for a variety of reasons when you’re considering printing. Some of the benefits of using a grayscale image are light colors that brighten up the print, and an overall improved quality of the print in general. Another benefit of converting images to grayscale is that it’s a relatively cost effective process that will save you money when you use J.M. Field Marketing’s printing services.

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