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Trade Show

I love them. It’s where companies with great products and ideas assemble to show off their products and services to prospective clients and buyers. It’s also where people with no great ideas or products go to borrow the ideas of the people with the great ideas. It’s kind of like the adage of “It rains on the just, and it rains on the unjust. But it rains more on the just, because the unjust have stolen the just’s umbrella”.

I actually participated in a trade show when I was 22 years old. It was at the McCormick Center in Chicago. It was the premium trade show, you know chachkees. I had a great product, way ahead of its time- Dietware, a set of 1/2 dishes, half a dinner plate, half a salad plate, half a dessert plate and half a mug. “Now your diet has half a chance” was the pitch. It did really well.

For me, trade shows are a great canvas of creativity, from the actual thinking and execution behind the products to the exceptional graphic design and product displays. The presentation has come a long way. In earlier days it was an 8×8 back drop and a female model that sat there for three days. With today’s technology, it is entertaining, engaging, and interactive. Today you see the product. You learn the product. You are the product. Trade shows are testimony to the endless reaches of creativity and ingenuity.

Every category has its own stage. If you haven’t been to the mega-electronics trade show in Vegas, I highly recommend it. I am currently developing a product that I will be taking to a trade show in 2010. It has to do with a cucumber.

No, not that.

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