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The Past, Present and Future of the Printing Industry

Long ago when the art of the printing industry was unknown, very few people were able to read and write. Most of the book knowledge of the time was only available to church officials and university professors. In the 1440’s however, the first printing press was invented in Germany by the goldsmith Johannes Gutenberg. Gutenberg’s printing methods quickly spread throughout Europe and then the rest of the world and eventually superseded block printing. And with the advent of offset printing, it wasn’t long after Gutenberg’s printing press was superseded as well. But even though more advanced methods of the printing industry were developed, the impact of Gutenberg’s printing methods can be compared to the development of writing, the invention of the alphabet or the invention of the internet.

Gutenberg’s printing process helped the rest of the world learn how to read and write. Scientists were able to publish their discoveries. Authorship and copyrights became extremely valuable as well. People around the world were able to be informed about current news.

In today’s world, printing technology has evolved tremendously and doesn’t seem to be slowing down at all. All those cool magazines and newspapers we buy everyday come from giant web printers that are capable of printing hundreds of thousands and even millions of copies. Wide format printers produce all of those giant banners and posters we see everywhere we go. And it’s truly amazing that’s there’s probably some kind of printer in every corporate office in the world.

And now the current trend in the printing world is to print green and we  are certainly taking printing green into consideration. It’s no secret that the printing industry has had an effect on our environment especially with our forests, water and energy supplies. So as time progresses it will become even more important to make printing green a standard and not a trend. And we here will do our best to make that happen in order to continue the success and evolution of the world’s printing industry.

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