The Classic Trade Show Display

Companies that use the classic trade show look don’t often take the time to create a compelling display. But a well-designed tabletop display, table throw and folding table can add pizzazz to your booth. It can draw a second, third and fourth look from your target audience.

One of the best things about the table-top display is that it is close to the customer’s eye level and your dynamic display will invite them to visit your booth. A well-designed classic trade show booth can have a huge impact in a small space.

By adding a product display, literature stand and retractable banner to your booth you can create an atmosphere that enhances the overall effect of your presentation. You should work with a trade show company that will listen to your ideas and help you put together a display that meets all your goals and needs. When designing your table throw, you should make sure that it prominently features your company name and logo.

The classic booth is the perfect combination for trade shows, conferences, seminars and office presentations. Plus, you can hide extra marketing collateral, products and the shipping cases under the table throw. Using a table, table throw and tabletop display is perfect especially if you’re looking for a portable, easy to assemble and break down trade show display.

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