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Unlike traditional cold foil printing, Akuafoil uses a different printing process that involves silver ink. When you use Akuafoil for printing, the result includes shiny, metallic features. On the other hand, cold foil printing (also referred to as cold foil stamping) is a printing process that uses a standard printing plate.

During the process of using it, a cold foil adhesive is used to print an image onto a substrate. Next, the adhesive gets activated through a UV dryer and the foil that’s extracted is fastened to the adhesive. Lastly, the shiny foil finish is created when the CMYK full color process is applied on top of the foil.

Once these things are completed, an image is created. In order to set up an Akuafoil file for printing, there are a few steps you need to follow. Use white in your mask file to indicate the spots where no foil is needed, and black to indicate the foil finish.

Also, it’s very important that the mask and CMYK print file are aligned so that your work will turn out the way you intend it to. Try to keep in mind that Akuafoil is presented best when lighter colors are used. For those that intend to use printing  for short run projects, Akuafoil printing is an affordable option that isn’t difficult.

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