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In order to describe what Pantone color matching (PMS) is all about, the term “Color Matching System” (CMS) needs to be addressed first. In printing, a Color Matching System’s main role is to guarantee the consistency of colors that are used, no matter what type of printing medium that’s being used. With that being said, the most popular of the color matching systems in printing today is the Pantone Matching System.

Pantone color matching is a color matching system used by the printing industry that uses a numbering system to categorize different colors. This well-recognized color matching system consists of numbered spot colors and CMYK colors. The original intention of the Pantone Matching System was to make it easier for devices and individuals in the printing industry (printers and graphic designers) to identify, communicate and control colors through numbers.

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By regulating the colors in this fashion, referencing specific colors by number becomes easy. Yes, there are three different ways that Pantone color matching can modify your printing job. The first modification that can occur is object effects like glows or shadows on top of the Pantone colors. Unfortunately, these object effects can lead to transparency issues. To stop this from happening, switch your Pantone colors to CMYK. The second modification ensues when transparent images are used. When it’s printed, the image loses its transparency and white areas pop up. Again, this can all be resolved by switching to CMYK before submitting files for printing.

Finally, the last modification is a color conversion that arises between a Pantone color and CMYK. Colors that you may not want might show up as a result, when Pantone colors are used in a CMYK printing job. Beware, sending us a job with Pantone colors has the possibility of being negatively affected due to the CMYK conversion.  Before choosing printing work for your business, skip all this stress by double checking that your Pantone colors have been altered to CMYK.

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