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Digital or offset printing services

When it comes down to choosing between printing services like digital or offset, there are some things that you should take into consideration like turnaround time, quantity, customization, proofing,  medium and color. For example, if you needed something printed yesterday then you’ll find more satisfying delivery times with digital printing because of the speedy turnaround. In terms of quantity, digital is better for short run jobs while offset is more suitable for projects with larger quantities.

If you have projects that are very short, it’s also more cost effective to choose digital. As with other features, it’s ideal to want to customize your print job at an affordable rate. In order to get what you want while also keeping it cheap, the most affordable option is to choose digital. If cheapness is what you’re looking for, both digital and offset have affordable options.

With digital, the cost for short run projects is low. With offset, printing in large quantities is considered cost effective because the price gets cheaper per piece as the print load becomes larger. Since proofing with offset printing can get pricey, you’ll see more accurate results if you choose digital. Sometimes flexibility is an issue because you might want to use specific printing mediums such as paper, size and finish. Even though digital keeps expanding, offset printing is more flexible when it comes to special mediums.

As far as color goes, if you’re only looking to use two ink colors or black ink, then you shouldn’t really choose digital because it uses a four-color printing process. Also, if you’re using Pantone colors, you’ll get the best match with offset printing. Since digital printing can only imitate your desired color by using its four-color process, you run the risk of receiving your print job with colors that don’t match up to your standards.

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