Printing Services Questions:

  • How can custom book bindery make my booklet look more sophisticated when I use printing services?

  • How do I avoid transparency, overprint and other issues with printing?

  • I’m not sure whether to choose digital printing or offset printing. Which one is best for me?

  • It’s important that my blues don’t turn out purple. How do I change color settings in order to prevent color issues from happening before sending my files for printing?

  • What are the steps to setting up an Akuafoil file for printing? What’s the difference between Akuafoil and cold foil printing?

  • What is Pantone color matching? Do using Pantone colors change my printing job?

  • What kinds of files would you allow me to send for printing and is there a specific color mode requirement? Also, how should my bleed marks and crop marks be arranged?

  • What's color banding in printing and why does it happen?

  • What’s a good rich black formula and what are the advantages of using it for printing services at J.M. Field Marketing?

  • What’s a grayscale image? Before using printing services at J.M. Field Marketing, how do I convert to grayscale in a document with CMYK?

  • What’s the difference between digital printing and offset printing?


In the world of printing, perfect bindery is the process of binding a book with a layer of adhesive that’s meant to hold both the pages and cover together. If you want to pursue custom book binding to make a perfect bound book, the perfect binding method works the best with print manuals, proposals, presentations and catalogs. The great thing about custom book bindery, or perfect bindery, is that it gives your print booklet a polished appearance.

Not only do perfect bound books look professional, but they also create visual appeal when you use our printing. Plus, if you’re trying to find economical ways to utilize custom book bindery, perfect bound print books are cheaper to make and stack than hardcover books. Another reason why perfect bindery is an excellent choice is that short run print jobs can be used with it.

The perfect bindery method is created when the cover and inside pages are glued together at the spine. Depending on what type of custom book binding you get, size is going to be the main difference once the printing is finished. If you choose long edge bindery, the book will be designed portrait-style and if you choose short edge then your book will be designed landscape-style.

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