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Color banding is a problem that results in color distortions of your presentation, as a result of colors bunching together at a low resolution. Due to the undesired effect of color bunching from banding, the result of printing is colors that aren’t smooth. This means that your finished project could have vertical lines and patterns that weren’t in your original design. There are different factors regarding banding, such as the program, picture formats, gradient steps and color depth.

Printing Services Color Banding

You can fix this before submitting files for printing by adjusting the color depth on your computer and checking the digital files prior to sending them to us. Color banding usually happens from using fewer bits per pixel, also known as BPP. In order to fix this and prevent color banding from ruining your print job, consider increasing how many bits per color channel that you use. If you set your graphics to 24-bit, instead of 8-bit or 16-bit, you shouldn’t run into problems with your printing.

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