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NCL Vendor Show Success

Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, September 11, 2009—J.M. Field Marketing has officially announced that its NCL Vendor Show was a remarkable success. The Vendor Show was a collaborative project aimed at showcasing the products NCL purchases and the wide range of reliable vendors that we have to offer. “We have a strong relationship with our clients and vendors and we work together to benefit each other,” said Jack Field, the President of J.M. Field Marketing.

J.M. Field Marketing has long been providing NCL with products through the use of an online company store as well as a brick-and-mortar store located right on NCL company headquarters. By offering an end user vendor show, we aimed to develop a stronger relationship directly with those responsible for purchasing NCL products. “We used this event as an opportunity to take advantage of our resources and increase efficiency by putting our vendors in direct contact with the client,” commented Field.

The August 28, 2009 vendor show took place at the NCL Conference Center in the Star Training Room. The show was scheduled for four hours. However, due to high demand and a continuously crowded venue, the show ran past the allotted time. More than 20 of J.M. Field Marketing’s partners participated in the NCL Vendor Show including BIC Graphic USA, Izod, Riedel and American Apparel. The promotional items on display at the showcase included mugs, pens, bags, watches, wine glasses, electronics, hygiene products, apparel and much more. The event was a wonderful success,” said Lorraine Reynoso who runs the NCL Company Store. “Everyone was excited to see all the promotional items on display.”

In the short time since the show, J.M. Field Marketing has provided NCL with thousands of dollars worth of product samples and quotes. “The savings and customized service that J.M. Field Marketing has to offer is apparent to the NCL purchasers and, as all companies, they are looking to cash in on it,” remarked Reynoso.

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