J.M. Field Marketing Wraps Up MAPEI Video Shoots


Fort Lauderdale, FL (August 15, 2011) – J.M. Field Marketing is wrapping up their 2 week long video shoot with MAPEI this week. J.M. Field Marketing, a South Florida based integrated marketing firm has been hard at work over the past few weeks building sets and filming the video tutorials for MAPEI. Once final editing has been completed, the 16 videos will be posted on the MAPEI website to provide consumers with a demonstration of the installation process for some of their selected products.

J.M. Field Marketing houses two impressive studios that are used for photography and video productions of all varieties. The two studios, which measure an astounding 50’ x 50’ and 16’ x 24’, prove to be worthy of enormous sets and props. For this particular shoot, the J.M. Field Marketing team built three make-shift rooms, including a faux kitchen and bathroom. MAPEI then laid flooring, installed wainscoting and grouted a shower for their product demonstration videos.

Of the MAPEI video shoots, Jason Garcia, J.M. Field Marketing’s Video Director stated, “It has been a pleasure to work with the MAPEI team over the past month. We think these videos will showcase J.M. Field’s extraordinary video production capabilities, as well as MAPEI’s superior products. Promotional videos like these can greatly benefit any business by exhibiting to consumers how their products and services are relevant and useful.” J.M. Field Marketing has been a leader in the industry for many years. With the success of our studio construction and the resulting shoots that have taken place, we are sure to continue to reign as one of the top marketing firms in South Florida.

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