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J.M. Field Marketing Successfully Releases New Video Series for New and Potential Ecommerce Clients

Zeroing in on the demand for information on Ecommerce and how to sell products online, J.M. Field Marketing has launched the first in a series of videos offering valuable industry insight and Ecommerce solutions. 

July 28, 2014 – With Ecommerce sales booming, a variety of industries have turned to online shopping carts as a solution to increase sales and generate awareness for their company. Positioned as a specialist on both Ecommerce strategy and online trends, and after much demand, we have begun a video series that will address in-depth the many factors to consider and be aware of when building an online store.

Titled “How to Sell a Product Online with an Ecommerce Website”, this video tackles often overlooked elements that are vital to a successful online store, including obtaining hosting, inventory tracking software and more.

“We know there are many startup companies out there that want to turn a profit online, but aren’t fully aware of Ecommerce trends or how to start,” said Ryan Schoeneck, Senior Director of Fulfillment Services at J.M. Field Marketing. “This video gives step by step instructions as well as recommendations for Ecommerce shopping carts, online merchant accounts, platforms and more.”

Industries such as entertainment, beauty, apparel, technology and travel have already transitioned into Ecommerce powerhouses and have seen sales boost tremendously from online efforts. Already, global business-to-consumers Ecommerce sales have gained $1.5 trillion this year with 28 million small businesses contributing. Ecommerce trends focused on improving the online shopping experience have skyrocketed this year to being multi-screen, extra user-friendly, and easily accessible.

Along with an easy-to-navigate, secure website, expectations for faster turn-around times for shipped packages are increasing. While past deliveries from Ecommerce stores took about 2 days to 2 weeks, next-day deliveries have become more common, such as with the fulfillment services at J.M. Field Marketing. All of our orders get shipped the very same day they are placed.

“Most customers expect next day delivery on their orders and shipment, and we provide that,” added Schoeneck. “We pride ourselves in fast and efficient delivery for all of our fulfillment clients and their consumers.”

Another Ecommerce trend improves mobile shipping by making Ecommerce sites mobile optimized instead of just mobile friendly. Last year, the mobile component of Ecommerce cost approximately $42.8 billion. As of now, the U.S. mobile Ecommerce market is expected to hit $50 billion in sales. A third of visits to Ecommerce stores are derived from mobile devices such as phones and tablets. According to Internet Retailer, mobile Ecommerce will account for half of Ecommerce by 2018. Mobile advertising, along with social media and search ads, is another one of the Ecommerce trends that has risen, primarily among large businesses.

Research regarding current Ecommerce solutions has allowed usg to gain an even stronger grasp on online sales and web marketing strategies. With this data and analysis, we will continue to improve the online buying experience for several types of consumers in every industry available.

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We offer a seamless integration of marketing solutions, from design and printed collateral to marketing materials, product fulfillment, web-based inventory management, data collection, inventory systems, and call center services. The company’s mission is to work as a direct extension of its clients’ brand – providing the services every business needs to help increase revenue in today’s competitive market. With over 205,000 square feet in storage capacity, our pick and pack services provide assistance and advantages to our clients in materials production, online order processing, and web-based inventory management.

Our clients include the banking industry, travel industry, entertainment industry, security industry, hair care products, and more.

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