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J.M. Field Marketing Successfully Integrates New Marketing and Technology Trends to Current Strategy

New strategy developments by J.M. Field Marketing are ensuring that clients stay up to date on marketing and technology trends in 2014.

April 29, 2014 – With constant technological developments affecting the tech and marketing world, a few questions are raised; are old-school marketing outlets dying out? Will the business card cease to exist with various social media platforms? Does anyone read their mail and look at direct mail pieces anymore? In an effort to ensure client success, we are reviewing these tried and true methods while examining several new approaches that have hit the marketing industry by force.

Businesses and consumers alike are becoming more digitalized and tech savvy. With these innovations, it is relatively impossible to not have access to various degrees of technical knowledge. Recent findings show that the general population has a tech device always at their fingertips. This shift in convention has turned many common marketing practices upside down. We continue to look at these various factors and take into account how new methods of marketing will adapt and come into play for future projects.

“It is a priority for us to keep up to date on how marketing trends change and affect our strategies,” said Jack Field, President at J.M. Field Marketing. “We understand that even our best methods need to be updated along with the technology that supports them in order to continue providing the best services and solutions to our clients,” he added.

Gathered from a recent study conducted in January 2014 by the Pew Internet Project, 90% of American adults have a cell phone, of the population, 58% use a smartphone and 42% have a tablet computer. From the staggering results, the mass consumer audience has procured an efficient method of collecting and receiving information readily at their fingertips. This shift has made it much easier to find news or special deals as well as connect with others via the internet and various social networks. If utilized properly, companies could advantageously use these outlets to connect with their respective audiences via a more personable voice.

From the same Pew Internet Project, studies show that 73% of adults use online social networking sites. There is no significant data or correlation between gender, race, age, level of education or annual income. From these findings, technological evolution continues to envelop itself around us with no sense of dying out. Companies can utilize social networks to target any demographic of their choice.

These findings have made us reconvene to identify technological advancements and how improvements in technological resources can apply to affect best end result in marketing strategy and methods. Will LinkedIn be the online resource directory of business cards? Are the old print resources dying out?

A recent article from Entrepreneur magazine has shown otherwise. Business cards have formed a slightly different role than before. They no longer serve as personal indication of the specific person issuing the card. Business cards have transitioned from a singular person to a larger direct extension and branding opportunity for that company. With a logo and the presentation of the information on the card, business cards are often one of the first indicators potential clients will use to form their impressions about the company. The same holds true for print and direct mail pieces.

“Print has become the reverse. At one time, the print method was the conventional way of marketing to your audience. Now, receiving a printed piece or a business card has become the uncommon unconventional,” states Creative Director, Alexis Kovic.

Businesses may have a better foot in the door not throwing out these proven methods for the new, spur of the moment tech trends. Social networks and online usage are not replacing the business card and direct mail piece, as of yet. Rather, they are amplifying the existing approaches. The initial business card or direct mail piece will continue to work as a great introduction or conversation starter. Repeat exposure and a continuous message conveyed on social networks will assist in communicating the online presence and company as a whole. The brand and message seen in multiple places is a great way of creating a lasting impact to a receptive audience.

It is important to take into account tech trends along with the existing methods. In accounting for the social networks and mobility, one will be certain that no potential audiences are left out. The brand will extend to more areas and a cohesive voice will echo across all areas.

Recent research in the development of prospective and existing client strategy has allowed J.M. Field Marketing to make several predictions in terms of technological marketing trends and their effect on overall business in 2014. From these findings and later analysis,we forecast continued growth in print services working alongside various online mediums, social networks and other platforms to promote internal and client business over the course of 2014.

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