J.M. Field Marketing and Senior Web Developers Stay on Top of the Coding Infrastructure Game

J.M. Field Marketing & Senior Web Developers announce latest certifications in MogulDB working alongside the Node.js runtime environment. We will use Node.js and the MogulDB within the re-build of their patented Ecommerce platform, All-in-View.

July 31, 2014 – Senior Web Developers at J.M. Field Marketing are pleased to announce their latest certifications in MongoDB. MongoDB is one of the databases used for storage and encoding data within Node.js. Node.js is a frontrunner in the line of JavaScript programming. The platform is built on the runtime environment of the web browser, Chrome. The ease and accessibility of the Chrome I/O JavaScript model allows for easy transfer of JavaScript applications from mobile and tablet devices to desktop computers.

We will incorporate the new Node.js technology in the re-build of the patented Ecommerce solutions software, All In View. The Node.js functionally offers a consistent front and back end interface for the Ecommerce platform. This consistency allows for usage of the same interface for both us and the client. In essence, both parties will be able to access the same real-time view within the platform. The integration of front and back end consistency and the ability of Node.js to adapt across screen and device, will allow for accessibility of real-time Ecommerce sales, tracking and reporting within the All In View platform.

Latest web development practice has been forced to shift to the adaptation of user behavior. With the prevalence of users utilizing a handheld mobile or tablet device, the inevitability of not accommodating such backend and on-page functionality has become detrimental for business. As a result, the Node.js platform was built to make for the easy implementation of non-blocking JavaScript across device.

Node.js is the larger runtime environment that works in conjunction with the MongoDB. The nature of Node.js itself works as a web server without the need of an additional server software such as Apache. The MongoDB stores all data as JavaScript objects without limitation of specific order, allowing for adaptation of the data to function outside of named columns and ordered lists. To access this data into the front and backend code development, programmers utilize the MongoDB driver which “acts as the middle man between the Mongo shell and Node.js.”

Node.js has made coding for such user behavior easier on the development end, as well. With use of the same I/O interface on both the front and back end, that is non-blocking, a single event-based loop from the JavaScript library within the MongoDB, allows for an easier way to present web applications across devices. The ease of this integration gives Node.js the upper-hand when utilized in cloud environments. As well, it provides a lighter weight framework, as opposed to heavier frameworks and infrastructures dense with multiple connections.

“Node.js is a way for programmers to utilize JavaScript across the board. It becomes easier to switch roles between a front and back end developer, not to mention totally bad ass.” –Jose Centeno, Senior Web Developer at J.M. Field Marketing.

The certifications received by the senior web developers were specific to the MongoDB. With use of the MongoDB certifications at J.M. Field Marketing, the web development team will be able to utilize a streamlined method of incorporating the Node.js environment into front and backend development. The first web development project in Node.js will be the development of the ecommerce platform, All In View. From these developments, we will have the framework mapped out for the Node.js environment.

Our clients seeking web development and design services will be able to expand their target audience and cater to purchase behaviors of multiple-device users within the front end functionality of Node.js.

From the client side, new clients seeking ecommerce, fulfillment and web design services will have the ability to view real-time data across device within the All In View platform. This real-time data targeting allows for an increased efficiency in data and inventory management. With the rebuild of All In View, we will add these new functionalities to the existing software for an easy to access view of the respective ecommerce platform data.

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