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J.M. Field Marketing Opens NCL Company Store

J.M. Field Marketing and Norwegian Cruise Line are teaming up to transform the existing NCL virtual company store into a physical destination, located on the ground floor of the NCL headquarters in Miami.NCL has taken advantage of J.M. Field Marketing’s state-of-the-art company store and inventory management software for almost 5 years, but has now decided to offer its agents a brick-and-mortar store. In an effort to maintain a cohesive look, the showroom was developed in junction with re-vamping the design of the the existing online company store. The new showroom offers NCL agents the opportunity to browse through and purchase company merchandise; including apparel, giveaways and travel accessories. J.M. Field Marketing not only extended its services to design and set-up the showroom, but also to assign a field agent to the location who is available to greet and assist visitors.The headquarter showroom invites many opportunities for NCL. Merchandise can be stored and sold directly to agents in one location and NCL can look forward to offering its agents superior personal customer service. In addition, the physical presence of a company store can boost awareness as well as sales and ROI.NCL  NCL Company StoreWant to develop a company store for your business? CALL 844.523.1957 TODAY!
J.M. Field Marketing Opens NCL Company Store was last modified: February 25th, 2015 by J.M. Field Marketing
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