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J.M. Field Marketing Launches New Website for Healthy Baby Products Leader, Mii Organics

J.M. Field Marketing is excited to announce the launch of a new website for health and baby products industry leader, Mii Organics.

May 30, 2014 – South Florida based marketing firm, J.M. Field Marketing, is excited to have recently assisted Mii Organics in the development and creation of an ecommerce website for the sale and distribution of BPA and EA free baby products including a stylish line of glass baby bottles, ForEver Nursing bottles, FlutterFlex Anti Colic Bottles and more.

Using the popular Ecommerce website platform, PrestaShop, our web design team executed the design, development and creation of a fully functional, SEO-conscious website that handles the order processing and fulfillment of over 70 SKUs for the company. With a focus on ethical manufacturing, best health practices and upscale design, Mii Organics wanted a website that delivered their message of a “dream of a healthy world”. Our design team kept this in mind in order to produce a clean and aesthetically pleasing website that showcased the high-end feel and technology of these revolutionary baby products.

“When designing new graphics and banners for the website, we wanted to not only ensure that the brand message was being delivered in the most efficient way but also provide inviting and engaging images and content that informed consumers of how special and different these products are compared to other baby products currently on the market,” said Renato Macassi, Graphic Designer at J.M. Field Marketing.

Along with web design services, we also provide fulfillment services, including kitting, pick and pack and online order processing, through their proprietary inventory management software, All In View. This allows consumers to seamlessly order and receive products with a quick turnaround time and gives Mii Organics the opportunity to store their products in safe fulfillment warehouses as well as receive robust reporting concerning their product inventory and sales.

Other services Mii Organics received from us include video editing, SEO, copywriting, and high-resolution product photography. With these efforts combined, we were able to ensure that the brand was represented correctly across all mediums including content, images and video while simultaneously assuring that all were pointed in the same direction in order to drive traffic to the new website and help increase sales.

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