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J.M. Field Marketing Introduces Proprietary Formula to Assist in Calculation of Google’s Search Engine Algorithm for Keyword Rankings

J.M. Field Marketing announces proprietary formula that enables SEO team to choose best possible keywords relative to client industry, products and website.

February 28, 2014 – J.M. Field Marketing introduced The JMF Authority Score today after months of research and testing. The JMF Authority Score, the name assigned to the formula, came about from the need to assign a numeric value to every keyword. This value allows for a quantitative approach in determining the potential keyword results for a website.

“We wanted to assign a calculated value to each of our potential keywords. Normally, keywords would be ruled out in terms of low search traffic or an unfamiliar search term. Now, we are able to readily identify more keyword opportunities in taking into account many search factors, like the popularity of a competitor’s site for a specific keyword and the amount of links they have, from a measurable standpoint,” says SEO copywriter Elizabeth Becker, who assisted in the writing of the JMF Authority score.

A common practice within the Search Engine Optimization industry is to begin with a Competitive Keyword Analysis. The premise of such a report is to help determine which keywords bring about the most search traffic in relation to how many competitors within the industry are using these same keywords. More often than not, keywords are ruled out on the basis of how congruent they are to the client’s industry verbiage.

We found the importance in placing a formulated score to each suggested keyword is that it provided to clientele in the development of their website. The JMF Authority score takes into account how many monthly searches are conducted for that keyword and the amount of traffic the keyword can potentially bring. The score relates the traffic data to the leading competitors’ use of the keyword and how difficult it will be for the client to outrank competitors in the search engines.

“The choice of keywords for clientele becomes a standardized process. No outlying keywords get away,” mentions Brianna Cook, SEO for J.M. Field Marketing.

Many of these words are valuable toward the development of traffic and prospective leads back to a client’s main website. The use of the JMF Authority Score takes these factors into account and assigns each keyword with a scaled numeric score. In this standardized approach, keyword analysis becomes consistent across the board no matter the industry.

We looks forward to implementing the use of the JMF Authority score in future development of competitive keyword business models. We plan on using the JMF Authority Score in assisting clientele produce increased traffic to new and existing websites.

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